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I have started making more money than my husband. Should I divorce him?

Dear In The Money:

Yes. Please divorce him. He deserves better. Adults don’t do that to each other.

Money should NEVER...

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Why Would A Guy Want To Take Things Slow?

Dear Rushing In:

We live in an instant society, where men and women have the opportunity to meet all kinds of potential partners online and in person.

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Why Is dating so difficult these days?

Dear Dazed And Confused:

In my practice people often ask that question. Dating used to be a lot easier than it is today. Texting has become the new norm when it comes to conversation. Unfortunately, it is a very detached way of creating a relationship.  

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We Love Each Other, But We Can't Communicate!

Dear Communication Issues: 

Just because you don’t have the same communication style or way of processing life events, doesn’t mean that you can’t continue your relationship.

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