Weekly Group chakra Balancing - Sooke


 Caterina is offering a group Reiki Chakra Balancing events every Tuesday evening EXCEPT the first Tuesday of every month.   
Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow if you need it.     
  We will be concentrating on doing a general chakra balancing and then I will focus in on specific chakra areas each session.  

Crown Chakra 

Third Eye Chakra 

Throat Chakra

 Heart Chakra  

Solar Plexis Chakra  

Sacral Chakra  

Root Chakra  

Each Chakra has specific emotional, physical and spiritual concerns that may be released with reiki and sometimes in addition to life or relationship coaching, it can change your life.    Reiki can never hurt you, it helps to relieve physical, emotional and sometimes spiritual pain.   When you leave, you will feel less pain, and clients often feel like they have had a massage, even when Caterina has done these sessions remotely.        


YesYOUCan - Empowerment For Women Meetup - Sooke



This weekly meetup with Life and Relationship Coach - Caterina Barregar is for women who want to feel more empowered.

If you want to

  • raise your self esteem
  • feel more empowered create and nurture a better relationship with yourself
  • attract better relationships with others
  • release anxiety and fear about your next best steps
  • step away from the stuff in life you don't want, and move towards what you do want

Caterina will address some of your most pressing concerns, and give you strategies to navigate them.Each month we will have a theme and, we will be working through my YesYOUCan - Be Successful Program, which will help you to:

  • create goals
  • get motivated
  • be accountable
  • be persistent
  • face your fears
  • Law of attraction
  • The art of mainifesting
  • Managing time
  • Belief systems
  • Gratitude
  • and more